About Tristan…
The Denver Real Estate Agent!

About Tristan Colborg, The Denver Real Estate Agent.
Hi…I’m Tristan, a 5th generation native to Denver, Colorado. I couldn’t think of a better place to live and raise my family than The Mile High city. I wanted to tell you why I got into real estate and what you can expect working with me during your real estate journey.

I got into real estate for two reasons: first I love real estate and second because most real estate agents are terrible. When I say “I LOVE REAL ESTATE” I mean it! From being an investor and analyzing properties, to helping others sell or buy the perfect home, there isn’t much that I don’t enjoy doing. This passion has taught me the ins and outs of the entire real estate process, explore neighborhoods, and meet so many great people. All these items allow me to go above and beyond in serving my clients. Which brings me to my second reason for getting into real estate…terrible agents!

I’ve seen firsthand the effects a terrible real estate agent can have. Issues like a lack of communication, missing deadlines, setting unrealistic expectations. Problems like this can have a huge impact on your home buying or selling experience.

For example, a friend of mine thought their house was worth more than what the real market value was. Their agent should have explained the importance of pricing the home right. But wanting more commission he listed it at the higher price. After almost 2 months and no offers, they had to lower the price. Now they were getting questions on why they had to lower the price and if something was wrong with the house. Plus they had to hold on to the property for much longer than they wanted to. A good agent could have avoided this! By pricing it right to start they could have started a bidding war and got the higher price they wanted.

Another example was a friend of mine looking to buy a property. He had found one that was exactly what he was looking for and reached out to his agent to make an offer. It took 3 days to get a return phone call from his agent. By the time the agent did call him back, the property was already under contract with another buyer. The lack of communication from the agent caused my friend to not even have a chance on the property that he wanted.

In both of these situations, I couldn’t believe how the agents treated their clients. And, unfortunately, there are a lot more bad agents than there are good ones. So I decided to get my license and become one of the good ones. One of the agents that value their clients and treats them much more than a transaction. An agent where past clients were happy to refer their friends and family. A real estate agent who ran his business on the foundation of great values. I continue to run my business each day on my set of core values below.

“In my time working with Tristan, he has continued to push boundaries and reach for new levels of success by empowering his people to make the kind of decisions that deliver high degrees of customer satisfaction. He leads by example and inspires the best in those whose careers he is entrusted with developing.”

Jason Ganes

Investor-Friendly Agent

As a real estate investor myself I know there’s a big difference between looking for properties to call home, and properties to buy as an investment. Whether you’re looking to buy fix and flips, buy and hold, short-term rentals, or house hacks. Having an agent who knows these different strategies is a valuable asset to you the investor. And, will help you in building wealth through real estate. So, if you want an investor-friendly Denver real estate agent who can help achieve your goals I’m here to help.

My Core Values

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Meticulous With The Details
  • Find Win-Win Solutions
  • Be Compassionate
  • Learn and Grow Everyday
  • People-first mindset in everything we do
  • Family First
  • Improve Lives

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