If you’re either considering buying or already made the decision to buy a new construction home, but you still have questions or concerns regarding the process, price, or anything else – let me tell you:

You’re in the right place.

This free seminar gives you the exact step-by-step blueprint on everything you need to get clarity on everything A-Z and guides you to make the best decision and avoid potential pit falls of buying a new construction home..

You will learn about negotiation with builders, hidden costs of new construction, the building process, and so much more.

Take a look around and let us know how we can help you.

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Enjoy the latest & most up-to-date videos and guides on everything related to buying a new construction home.

Buying New With Out An Agent

“Is buying new construction without an agent the right decision?”

  • Do you pay for an agent when buying new construction?

  • Helping with the Builders contracts

Can A Realtor Help With New Construction?

“Why you should use a Realtor versus working with the builder.”

  • Someone representing your best interests

  • Helping you in understanding the cost of new construction

Negotiating With Builders

“What can and should you try to negotiate on with the builder.”

  • ​Can you negotiate on the price of the home?

  • What are the best items you can negotiate on with the Builder?

Questions You Need To Ask

“10 questions you should ask the builder before signing.”

  • What to know about finishes offered

  • What is the timeline of building phases
  • Are inspections allowed during construction?

Role Of An Agent

“What should an agent help with when buying new construction”

  • Negotiating with the builder
  • Keeping on top of timelines
  • Communication between builder and buyer

What Upgrades Are Worth It?

“5 New Construction upgrades that aren’t worth the investment.”

  • Should you finance upgrades?
  • What can you upgrade yourself?
  • Pricing out the cost of upgrades

Learn The Process

“Where do you begin with buying new construction?”

  • Should you go straight to the Builders Agent?
  • Are you preapproved for a loan?

Researching Builders

“Are all builders the same? What should you look for…”

  • What are the community plans for the builder
  • Do the have customer testimonials

Advantages To Buying New Construction

“Why you might consider buying new versus resale”

  • Is it better to buy new versus resale?
  • Customization, maintenance, warranty, and more

Unexpected Costs

“There is a lot more to buying new construction than just the home price…”

  • What are some of the common surprise costs?

  • Should you buy items for your new home prior to closing?

Model Home vs Reality

“Model homes look great, but don’t fall into the model home trap”

  • Why your home won’t look like the model home!
  • Are upgrades seen in the model home worth it?

Phases of Construction

“From foundation to finish work learn the entire process…”

  • How long does it take to build your new home?

  • What are the important phases of new home construction you should know of?

Inspection vs Walkthrough

“What are the key differences”

  • The goal is for your home to be seen by the masses

  • Then, to get the highest and best price and terms for your home

Builder Warranty

“How long is it, and what do they cover?”

  • Contingencies, typically fall under four major categories

  • What does each one mean, and how does it impact the sale

Moving To Your New Home

“Tips to help you move into your new home”

  • The buyer now will secure their loan for the property
  • Buyer will have their inspections on the property, and review all of the reports and disclosures


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