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Buying A Home In Denver – 4 Mistakes Buyers Make Building A New House In Denver

Video Transcript Below

Hi Tristan Colborg here from The Denver Real Estate and eXp Realty in Denver, C0. Today we are talking about buying a new home build. Building a new home is exciting and maybe unlike anything you’ve ever done. While it can be exciting, there are many potentially costly mistakes you need to avoid. And with me in your corner, you will. Here are four essential things to focus on when buying a new build home in Denver:

  1. SELECT THE RIGHT LOT: Make sure the lot you choose fits your needs, and PLEASE don’t settle for one just because it’s the last one in that phase of the subdivision. Remember, you can’t change your mind on this after starting construction, so it’s a significant decision in the home building process.
  2. KEEP YOUR BUDGET IN MIND: One way is to research the cost of any upgrades you may want in advance. We can often get the builders to offer design center visits so you can get an idea of what materials are standard and the cost for specific upgrades. Knowing this will help you decide which upgrades may be worth the investment.
  3. CHOOSE A GOOD BUILDER: The builder is responsible for making sure construction is done on time and complies with current building standards. Every builder has their floor plans, lot premiums, standard materials, available upgrades, and much much more. So making sure you find the right builder for you is essential.
  4. DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE EXTRAS One common mistake new build homebuyers fail to consider is all the extra costs. Things to consider are items like HOA fees, property taxes (and annual increases), landscaping costs, window coverings, light fixtures, etc. These can all add up and surprise buyers, so ask questions and know there may be additional costs.

You know what you want your home to look like and the excitement you’ll feel watching it be built. Don’t let surprises take that from you, and with me on your team, we’ll make sure all your bases are covered before you put pen to paper.

I’m Tristan Colborg with The Denver Real Estate and eXp Realty and remember you deserve an elevated real estate experience.

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