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Selling Your House In 2021 – Don’t Use Old Marketing Techniques

Video Transcript Below

Don’t Choose An Agent Who Uses Old Marketing

Selling, it’s not just as easy as putting a sign in the yard and putting it on the Multiple Listing Service. There are so many things to consider. You would be amazed as to how many lawsuits and litigations arise from real estate transactions. If you look at preparing your home, there’s a laundry list or what to consider regarding the timing. Then there is showing your home, navigating people going in and out, especially with everything going on in the world right now. We could be here for hours and hours if I brought up all of the items you need to consider when selling. Hi, I’m Tristan Colborg with The Denver Real Estate and eXp Realty in Denver. But two of the major factors where you need to have an expert and specialist when selling for the best price and terms that favor the seller are marketing and negotiating.

Marketing Your Home To The Masses

Marketing ranges from everything from Facebook Ads, Retargeting Campaigns, Digital Repurposing, Traditional Marketing, Virtual Open Houses, 3-D Virtual Tours, YouTube and Instagram Advertising, Direct Mail, Massive Web Exposure and strategy, the personal property website, what wording and descriptive phrases to use to hook buyers, and so much more. The bottom line is that many people often overlook the marketing aspect, but it has one of the most significant impacts on your bottom line, very similar to negotiating. Negotiations, wow, that’s up there on the list of crucial things to cover. And think about it; it’s so much more than who pays for what. And what should you disclose? Failure to disclosure is one of the main reasons for lawsuits.

There is so much to think about, address and understand, that negotiations often don’t stop until escrow closes. But I don’t want to worry you, most of these things are done behind the scenes, and most sellers don’t even realize all the things that we consider to protect our sellers and assure they have the best possible outcome. But what I’d like to do is invite you to a Free Virtual seller Seminar. You can sign up and watch a replay at your convenience. We will cover a lot of information that is sure to set you up for success!! Again, Tristan Colborg here with the Denver Real Estate, and remember you deserve an elevated real estate experience.

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