Considering Buying A New Construction Home In Denver? You are in the right place!

At The Denver Real Estate Agent I know that buying a new construction home is super exciting, and I have purchased a few myself. You might feel overwhelmed or a little nervous about the entire process.

You might be wondering what things to consider when buying new construction, things to look out for, and if you should buy using a Realtor. This is where I can help.

I’m sharing several helpful guides on purchasing a new construction home, as well as a complete Virtual New Construction Buyer Seminar. Inside the New Construction Seminar, you’ll get step-by-step videos breaking down everything you need to know BEFORE buying your new home to get the best deal, with the least amount of headaches to help this exciting purchase go as smoothly as possible.

Looking at new construction homes in Commerce City, reach out to The Denver Real Estate Agent for help.

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Helpful New Construction Guides

Want Our Full New Construction Homes Guide

Get our full 12-page new construction guide covering the entire new construction process!


Get 10+ videos showing you step by step on how to purchase a new construction home in Denver!


Here’s a sneak-peak of videos inside of the New Construction Homes Buyer Seminar

Buying New With Out An Agent

“Is buying new construction without an agent the right decision?”

Can A Realtor Help With New Construction?

“Why you should use a Realtor versus working with the builder.”

Negotiating With Builders

“What can and should you try to negotiate on with the builder.”

Questions You Need To Ask

“10 questions you should ask the builder before signing.”

Role Of An Agent

“What should an agent help with when buying new construction”

What Upgrades Are Worth It?

“5 New Construction upgrades that aren’t worth the investment.”

Learn The Process

“Where do you begin with buying new construction?”

Researching Builders

“Are all builders the same? What should you look for…”

Advantages To Buying New Construction

“Why you might consider buying new versus resale”

Unexpected Costs

“There is a lot more to buying new construction than just the home price…”

Model Home vs Reality

“Model homes look great, but don’t fall into the model home trap”

Phases of Construction

“From foundation to finish work learn the entire process…”

Inspection vs Walkthrough

“What are the key differences”

Builder Warranty

“How long is it, and what do they cover?”

Moving To Your New Home

“Tips to help you move into your new home”


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