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How To Get Your House Ready To Sell In 2021

Video Transcript Below

The Sell Your Home For Top Dollar Test

Will your home pass the test? Can you sell your home right now for top dollar? Or do you need to do a few things to make sure you get the highest amount on your investment? Hi. I’m Tristan Colborg with and eXp Realty in Denver. Let’s take the quiz to see if your home passes the sell-for-top dollar test right now.

Here we go. When you walk up to the house, does it have a curb appeal? Fresh landscaping, maybe a bit of black bark, fresh flowers, plants, or trees? New trim and door paint or possibly even a new paint job.

You Need A Little Advice

You need to hire somebody who cares more about getting you top dollar than possibly hurting your feelings about telling you what to do. Have you done the 3D’s? Decluttered, depersonalized, and deep cleaned? And I mean, actual deep cleaning folks baseboards, scuff marks, cleaned up the landscaping, changed out old lights, and more.

Is your lawn lavish and green or yellow and crispy? Yes, these things matter. Are the walls painted a neutral color? Have you patched holes, painted the front door, and trim? Hey, red brick walls with mismatched paint do not qualify for selling for the top dollar right now, at least not in this market.

Do you have neutral carpets? Are they clean, or are they 10 years old and they’ve been cleaned 15 times, and once it rains, or people walk over them a few times, will the truth comes out? This is not going to cut it right now to get top dollar.

Do you have updated flooring or countertops? Are your cabinets still the same as they were 15 years ago, or have you updated them? What about your lot? Does your lot compare to the house with a half-acre lot that is up the street? You see, all of this matters.

Pass The Smell Test

This is a big one, the smell test. Oh my god. I’m sure you don’t realize this, but did you know that most people have a smell in their home. Yes, it smells! I know it sounds super gross, but it’s true. We love pets; in fact, our dog Penny rules the house, and our bearded dragon Mushu is fantastic. We consider them family. But if I were to list my home right now, I’d have to spray air freshener in many places. You see Penny as a puppy peed in different parts of the house, and Mushu, well, her tank can smell bad sometimes! So when I sell my own home, I’m going to have to make some changes for me to pass my own smell test. What about cooking? Do you cook with spices that you’re used to, but if somebody else came over, it might smell like a fish fry? Again that’s a no-go!

Know Your Competition

Have you truly compared your home to your competition? I mean, everyone, including me, thinks that I have the best house on the block. I mean, listen, I know I spent hours putting up decorative wood paneling and painting. We love it, but this is it measuring up to your competition. Is your home partially staged or fully staged with modern furniture to ensure it shows to the best of its ability? Or is it so outdated and would probably look better back in Grandma’s house?

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just trying to help. When you look at the windows, are you looking at your neighbor showering, or are there mountain views, open space, waterfront? Yes, believe it or not, looking at your neighbor’s butt crack or hearing them yell who’s going to get to pick what to watch on TV tonight is not quite as desirable as having mountain views or open space.

So I challenge you to take the quiz and get a scale from one to ten if you’re ready to put your house on the market right now to sell for top dollar or if you need to make a few changes as I would. Guess what most of us need to make changes.

Oh man, if I were to sell my house right now. I’d have a honey-do list for days! If you are thinking of selling, call us, and we will help you get your home ready to pass the test. I’m Tristan Colborg with and remember you deserve an elevated real estate experience.

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