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Video Transcript Below

Disclosures, what should or shouldn’t you disclose. This is vital to ensure that you are safe during and after the sale. I highly suggest going over disclosures with your agent before going on the MLS and before buyers see the house. We want them to have previously reviewed the disclosures before making an offer; this will help ensure the buyer doesn’t back out from things they should have already been aware of.

What Disclosures Need Filled Out

In Colorado, many disclosures need to be filled out and disclosed when listing. This is a safety net for not only the buyer but also the seller.
Whether or not you live on a golf course or have foundation issues that you know about would have to be disclosed. When you are selling, anything that has ever been repaired, replaced, modified, added, fixed, or changed needs to be provided. So if you’ve painted the walls, cleaned or changed the carpets, added new lighting or fixed the water heater, you need to disclose it.

What Do I Need To Disclose?

One of my common sayings to my clients is, “If you have to ask me if you should disclose it, the answer is almost always going to be YES. Over disclosure is better than under disclosure and will keep you out of the courtroom. You want the buyer to know anything and everything you know about the home, the area, etc, that could negatively impact the desirability or price of the house. When you disclose correctly, you don’t have to worry about them coming back to you later telling you they want to go to court or want to try to extract more money out of you. You can only disclose what you know about. If there are issues with the property that you don’t know about, the buyer would have to prove that you did know and kept that from them intentionally to win in court. So disclose, disclose, disclose. I’m Tristan Colborg with, and remember you deserve an elevated real estate experience.

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