Need an Agent? Here Are 4 Signs of A Great Real Estate Agent In Denver

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Need an Agent? Here Are 4 Signs of A Great Real Estate Agent In Denver

Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions a person will make in their life. And hiring the wrong agent can lead to mistakes and stress. Mistakes that could cost you the home, or tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do you need an agent? Here are 4 signs of a great real estate agent in Denver.

Has Experience In The Type Of Property Your Looking For

You wouldn’t ask your dentist to perform brain surgery, right? This is a question you would hope most people answer no to. Yet clients hardly think about what types of home a real estate agent have experience selling before hiring them. Don’t be afraid to ask the agent about some of their recent sales and what type of property they were. Or do some research on real estate sites such as Zillow, and look at the agent’s listings. You could also ask how many transactions an agent has done over the past year. Some agents have more experience. Other agents may be newer but have a mentor guiding them through the process.

A busy agent has a pulse on the market. Having completed recent transactions, the active agent recognizes if the market is a sellers or a buyers market. Learning about an agent’s recent transactions provides insights into their attitude about buying or selling a home in present market conditions.

Gives Options Based on Professional Insight

A great agent doesn’t give one idea. Great agents use market data to determine a reliable price range based on the house size, quality, and amenities. Excellent agents have ideas on how simple fixes or expensive overhauls can increase your home’s selling price. And they will give you details that help you decide if the investment is worth it.

Great buyer’s agents listen to the buyer’s wish list and help find properties that meet as many needs and wants while remaining within the budget. They also help educate buyers based on realistic market expectations and encourage buyers to get pre-approved for loans so they can move quickly.

Reliable Communication and Follows Up

Nothing is worse than when it’s hard to get ahold of your agent! Great agents respond to clients. Nowadays, everyone has cell phones, and reliable communication should be easy. Of course, agents have a right to enjoy time off. But during business hours and within reason, great agents should respond quickly. If an agent doesn’t answer immediately, they call back. If unavailable, they offer a secondary contact such as an assistant or a business partner.

Timely communication is crucial in real estate. Properties come onto the market frequently and offers written all the time. Once in the escrow process, great agents regularly help clients understand timelines and the firehose of information coming at them.

A-List of Helpful Resources

Great agents have resources for clients. Resources might include referrals to mortgage lenders or the ability to get various home inspections done quickly through contractors they trust. Great agents offer resources but don’t require clients to use them; it’s always their choice.

Resources go well beyond required transaction referrals. A great agent can connect clients with landscapers, handymen or contractors, or any other neighborhood resource a new family in the area might need.

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