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In today’s market, it’s almost impossible to ignore the financial benefits of selling a Denver house. If you are ready for a change, then it’s the perfect time to list. You may be wondering where you’ll relocate if you sell your house right now.

There are so few homes available to buy right now that one option you might consider is to build a new home. But you might be unsure if that’s the right option. Regardless of the decision you make, let’s look at the pros and cons of buying a new home versus relocating into an existing one and why working with a Denver real estate agent throughout is essential to your success.

The Pros of Newly Built Homes

We will begin by looking at the benefits of purchasing a newly constructed home. Among the benefits of a new home are:

  1. Create your perfect home.

Building a home from the ground up gives you the ability to customize features such as appliances, finishes, landscaping, layout, and more.

  1. Cash-in on energy efficiency.

It is possible to choose energy-efficient options to help reduce your utility bills, protect the environment, and reduce your carbon footprint when you build a home.

  1. Minimize the need for repairs.

Most builders provide warranties, so you’ll be covered in case of unlikely repairs. And you won’t have to worry about a lot of minor repairs. Quicken Loans explains it this way: 

“Buying a new construction vs. existing home typically means you’ll have fewer repairs to do. It can be a huge relief to know that it’s unlikely you’ll have to repair the roof or replace the furnace.”

  1. Have brand new everything.

One of the benefits of a new home is that nothing is used yet. From day one, it is all yours, and it’s all-new.

The Pros of Existing Homes

Comparing that to buying an existing home, let’s see the advantages. An existing home allows you to:

  1. Explore a wider variety of home styles and floorplans.

The wide variety of floorplans and designs you can choose from is only increased by decades of homes.

  1. Join an established neighborhood.

You can check out the neighborhood, community, and traffic patterns before committing when you purchase an existing home.

  1. Enjoy mature trees and landscaping.

Additionally, established neighborhoods have more mature landscaping and trees, which gives them more curb appeal and privacy. As Investopedia says, if you buy an existing home:

“Odds are, too, that the home will have mature landscaping, so you won’t have to worry about starting a lawn, planting shrubs, and waiting for trees to grow.”

  1. Appreciate that lived-in charm.

It’s hard to replicate the character of an older home. In some cases, you may prefer to buy an existing house if you value timeless craftsmanship or design elements. Houseopedia says:

Charm is priceless. Existing homes, especially those built in the 1950’s or before, often offer architectural elements, historic charm and a quality of craftsmanship not available in new homes.”

It’s up to you what you want. Don’t forget that if you’re looking for the perfect home, you can go either way – you have to decide what’s important to you. A solid real estate advisor will assist you in making an educated and informed decision so that you can move into the dream home of your dreams.

Bottom Line

If you have questions about new construction in your area, please contact us. Our team would be glad to discuss what’s available and suitable for you, so you’re ready to move forward.

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